Kenton is committed to repairing its roadways, sidewalks and other common areas. However, this means that at times there will be construction that effects the community. It is our job to keep you as informed as possible. 

Please check back frequently for construction updates.


Downtown Revitalization Project

Construction area for the project is the Downtown streets immediately surrounding the Hardin County Courthouse. Aging storm, water, and sewer infrastructure, some of which is as old as the City itself, are in significant need of repair and replacement. This infrastructure is critical for serving Downtown, but is also part of a larger network that serves the rest of the Kenton community.

The project is slated to be completed in late Summer 2020.


Downtown Revitalization Project

Downtown Kenton is the cultural center of our community. It is the place where residents and visitors gather for shopping, entertainment, business, and to get together. However, like many downtowns across the country, Downtown Kenton is built upon infrastructure that is nearing the end of it’s life cycle. This infrastructure is critical for serving Downtown and also the larger network that serves the rest of the Kenton community.  The Kenton Downtown capital improvements project is a project to repair the water and sewer lines within the downtown in order to support a thriving, economically successful center of our City.

Why this project? Why now?

The purpose of this project is two-fold. First, this project will upgrade aging and failing infrastructure. Much of the infrastructure in the nine-block area is original and dates back more than 100 years. Recent video surveying has illustrated major failures in the system. These failures are also witnessed through a series of recent water main breaks and other disruptions in service in the downtown area. Another important element is infiltration. The City is experiencing major inflows of groundwater into the system which results in unnecessary strain on the water treatment plant.

The second major factor for why this project is important is the City’s compliance with EPA standards and regulations. Over the past decade, the City has been working with the EPA to correct a series of important upgrades that will bring the City into alignment with current requirements. Without these improvements, the City could face legal challenges from the EPA and jeopardize the City’s ability to secure future funding through various grant and loan programs.

What is the timeline for these upgrades?

Construction for Phase 1, which includes S. Detroit Street and S. Main Street from the Scioto River to just north of E. Ohio Street, has begun and  scheduled to conclude in late summer of 2020. Phase 2 will include the area north around the Hardin County Courthouse. government