Income Tax

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Lynn Chute
Income Tax Administrator
111 W. Franklin Street 
Kenton, Ohio 43326
Phone: 419-673-1355
M-F 9:00am-1:00pm
Call to set up appointment
outside of office hours
Fax: 419-674-2383
The Income Tax Office administers and enforces the Municipal Income Tax Ordinances for the City of Kenton. If you have filed your Federal income tax return electronically using an income tax preparation software program, such as TurboTax, Free Tax USA, etc., please be aware that these applications do not provide any information electronically for municipal income taxes. Individuals and businesses will still need to file directly with the City of Kenton. Important Notice to ALL Residents, The City of Kenton is a mandatory filing city. This means you must file a return, even if no tax is due. 
Please visit our FAQ page for additional information.
This includes, but is not limited to:
  • All Kenton residents and partial year residents ages 18 & over (Minors who worked and had Kenton City taxes withheld from their wages can request a refund with proper verification)
  • Retired residents age 65 or over even if they have taxable income
  • Every business entity that conducts business within the City of Kenton This includes owners of rental properties 
  • All pass through entities (any class of entity the income or profits from which are given pass-through treatment under the Internal Revenue Code) shall be taxed at the hands of the entity, not the hands of the owners of the entity

The City of Kenton offers e-file and e-pay services; a convenient and secure way to file and pay taxes online. To set up an online account you will need your account number and your social security number. To obtain your account number, please contact the office, 419-673-1355 or There is no fee to e-file, but fees will apply to all online payments. Tax returns are subject to an audit, and must include ALL W2s & Federal 1040, and a signature to be considered filed. 

Who CAN file through the portal?
  • Taxpayers with established tax accounts who have previously filed a tax return with the City are eligible to use the online tax filing
  • Individuals with income from WAGES ONLY may use the online tax filing
  • Individuals must be able to UPLOAD W2s and ALL supporting documentation


Who CANNOT file through the portal?
  • Individuals with reportable income or losses from activities (other than wage) cannot use the online tax filing.
  • Other reportable income or losses include those activities reported on Federal Schedules C, E, F, K-1, or Form 1099 MISC., etc.
  • Partial year residents (whether moving into, or out of the City of Kenton)
  • Taxpayers requesting refunds


Tax returns must include ALL W2s & Federal 1040, any schedules and/or supporting documents and a signature to be considered filed. 

Please visit out FAQ page for additional information or contact the office for inquiries & assistance.

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