Kenton Police Chief, Dennis Musser

Kenton Police Station

111 W Franklin St

Kenton, Ohio 43326

Office: 419-673-0771 

Fax: 419-673-1721

16 Full Time Officers

Our department staffs 16 full-time officers to help ensure the safety of Kenton.

4 Auxiliary Officers

Our department staffs 4 auxiliary officers to help ensure the safety of Kenton.

3 Part-Time Dispatchers

Our department staffs 3 part-time officers to help ensure the safety of Kenton.

1 Dual-Purpose Canine

Our canine is not only trained for patrol use but also narcotics detection.

1 School Resource Officer

Our department employs 1 School Resource Officer who works closely with school administrators in an effort to create a safer environment for both students and staff. 


Our Mission

The mission of the Kenton Police Department is to provide service to the public. We are dedicated to the needs of our citizens, preventing crimes and investigating crimes that do happen.


Hardin County Crime Task Force

Our office is also part of the Hardin County Crime Task Force. The function of the Task Force is drug enforcement and the investigation of any major criminal incidents that happen anywhere in Hardin County. A number of officers are also part of the county-wide special response team.


Suspicious Activity

We encourage people to help us make our community safe. If you see a crime in progress or some type of suspicious activity, please call us at 419-673-0771 or dial 911.