Arbor Day Celebration

The City of Kenton's Tree Commission, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, marked a significant Arbor Day celebration yesterday. This special day was brought to life at Kenton Elementary School, where students had the unique opportunity to engage directly with the environment by planting a tree. This initiative not only aimed to beautify the school grounds but also served as a practical lesson in environmental stewardship, teaching students the importance of trees in our ecosystem.

The event was more than just a tree planting; it was a hands-on educational experience that allowed students to learn about the types of trees best suited for their region, the benefits trees offer to the environment, and the role young people can play in conserving natural resources. By involving students in the process, the Tree Commission and ODNR hoped to instill a sense of responsibility and a deeper understanding of ecological balance.

This Arbor Day celebration stands as a testament to the Kenton community's commitment to environmental conservation and education. By bringing together the Tree Commission, ODNR, and the next generation of environmental stewards at KES, Kenton is not only enhancing its green spaces but also fostering a culture of sustainability that will benefit the city and its residents for years to come.

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